Will my Cook(y)s come out like the pictures?

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that your cook(y)s will look like our picture because everyone has their own way of doing things. But, we did our best to give you step by step instructions and tips so that you can get as close to the “Cook(y) look” as possible.

Can we add extras into the mix that we receive?

 Yes, feel free to add whatever you want to the mixes to make them your own, any extra toppings or flavorings. Just know we are not responsible for how they turn out. Our formula has been tested and made for each specific cook(y) mix. They have a saying “Don't fix what's not broken.” Every flavor we chose was chosen for a reason and with you in mind.

 What's in our Mix?

 This is an easy question... our mixes are packed with love and no preservatives to prolong our shelf life. We developed the mixes with you in mind and we take pride in our product. Our mixes are here to take the hassle out of baking and make it quick and fun. The dry ingredients are in the package and all you have to do is add a few ingredients that are normally already in your kitchen (Ingredients such as: Eggs, Butter, Shortening, and Vanilla.) If there are other ingredients you need to buy it's worth it trust me!

 Is there anything in the mix that will cause an allergy?

 All of our mixes have a section that states: This Product Contains and list any and all allergens. In the mixes we have Wheat: from our flour, Soy and Milk: from our Chocolate.

 How many cook(y)s does the mix make?

 Again, everyone does everything different, but if you follow our directions and depending on the size you make them our mixes can make 12-24 cook(y)s. 12 larger cook(y)s and 24 (sometimes more) smaller cook(y)s.

 What should I use to mix up the Cook(y) Mixes?

We have a saying at Cook(y) Mix “By Hand or Mixer whichever way is quicker.” Everyone likes to do things differently. We developed these mixes to be able to mix whatever way the buyer chooses. No matter the way you choose make sure you don't forget the most important ingredient which is LOVE.

 How can we get ahold of you with any questions or concerns?


You can get ahold of us via email at info@cookymix.complease allow 24 hours for a response. You can also find us on all social media @cooky_mix feel free to follow usand see what we are Mixin' Up!


What is the shelf life of the mixes?

If the mixes you purchase even make it to your shelf, and stored properly at room temperature they will normally last up to 12 months or long (if seal isn't broken). Our packages are heat sealed so no moisture can get into them. I am almost positive that once you receive your mix/mixes you are going to want to hurry up and POUR, MIX, BAKE.

 Are your mixes Kid Friendly?

Yes of course! Our owner is a mom of three and she developed this brand with a goal of bringing families back into the kitchen one cook(y) at a time. These mixes are a great learning tool for kids who are being introduced into the world of baking (with adult supervision of course). This is why we created our Easy Step by Step instructions for anyone to follow. We want families to have fun in the kitchen, while eating from a mix that isn't full of preservatives (it's the closest thing to homemade as you are going to get) and we are here to give families “A Quick Fix with a Homemade Twist”