Hello everyone, welcome to the one and only Cook(y) Mix. Over here we have a passion for baking and everything cook(y)s and treats. We are a Gourmet Cook(y) Mix company and it is our job to produce mixes that are not only easy to make, but they taste as close to homemade as you are going to get.

 We have a strong vision for our brand, and it includes everything that's important in life which are family, memories, and love. It is our goal to create an interactive mix for the whole family to enjoy or a fun (supervised) learning tool to introduce your children into the world of baking. With our pre- measured mix, the addition of a few ingredients (that most of us already have in our cupboard, not included) and by following our Easy Step by Step instructions it makes it so simple that anyone can do it, even you! Simply POUR. MIX. BAKE.

 You'll notice that most of our flavors were highly thought about and picked for a reason. We want to bring the Cook(y) back! A Cook(y) to us is a small dessert that has a huge impact on your tastebuds with nostalgia attached to it. For some reason the Cook(y) gets over looked by other desserts and only gets noticed around the holidays. Cook(y) Mix is here to tell you WE ARE HERE ALL YEAR LONG and ready to set the trend, but most of all to let you know “We're Bringing Cook(y)s Back!”

 Here at Cook(y) Mix we take great pride in the development of our product and tested formula for you and your dogs. We developed these mixes with YOU in mind (Yes You! From the bakers to the non bakers and the kiddies of the world). Let's face it, in today's world everything is so fast paced and families are always on the go (which is again why we wanted to make it as quick and easy as possible) so you can still enjoy the benefits of homemade on the go. Whether it is a family night in, playdate, a pot luck, a party, a midnight snack, or when a friend drops by unexpectedly....from the adults, to the kids, down to the dogs.. EVERYONE will get “A Quick Fix with a Homemade Twist”.

 My question to you is: “Are You Mixin' Yet?

 ♥︎- Whitney