Mini Mixer Baking Course (Session 1)
Mini Mixer Baking Course (Session 1)
Mini Mixer Baking Course (Session 1)
Mini Mixer Baking Course (Session 1)
Mini Mixer Baking Course (Session 1)
Mini Mixer Baking Course (Session 1)

Mini Mixer Baking Course (Session 1)

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Welcome to our Mini Mixer Baking Course! We are here to bring Home Ec into your home while giving the kids a creative outlet to express themselves through baking.   Whether you are  home school, cyber school, preschool, or just looking for an after school program this course is for you! Recommended for ages 4 & Up! (**We always ask the parents or guardian to be there and to supervise!)  This is a great activity whether you want to break up your school day or do something fun to with your kids either way these fun recipes will be a great memory maker and not to mention they taste amazing! 

Week 1: September 13

Week 2: September 20

Week 3: September 27

Week 4: October 4

Week 5: October 11


5 of our Gourmet Mixes ( Life of the Part(y), Chocolate(y) Chip, Oatmeal Raisin (option 1) Red Velvet would be Option 2 (IF you want Option 2 YOU MUST SPECIFY IN THE NOTES SECTION OTHERWISE YOU WILL GET OPTION 1, S'more Please, and Twisted Pretzel.


Once you place your order you will receive a FREE Mini Mixer Baking Course to go along with your Mixes!

  • We will email you with a few PDFs(welcome packet, and Session 1 Lesson Plan) Images, and a few short videos. 

  • You will get a list of supplies, and an ingredient list needed to complete the recipe (some things you may already have if not it will be cheap to pick up!)

  • You will also get a reference sheet that has a few of our recipes on there needed for your session! 

Access to our PRIVATE  Facebook Group called Mini Mixers that will be used for any questions that I can answer right then and there, and also to display your Mini Mixers Masterpieces! I will also post some how to videos and tips and tricks. Thank you Mixin' with us! From My family to yours, Happy Mixin!